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Teach your students how to develop
a personal yoga practice.

workshop materials

Quick overview

  • Teaches students how to start or invigorate an existing personal practice in order to experience the many benefits of yoga beyond the classroom.
  • Appropriate for beginning yoga students as well as more experienced students who are not yet consistent in a personal practice.
  • Can be run as mixed level workshop, or for only beginning students and/or only more experienced students.
  • Requires 2–3 hours. Possibilities include one 3-hour workshop, two 1.5-hour classes, or three 1-hour classes. Have enough space available for each student to have a yoga mat and ideally, some space at a wall as well.

What do teachers receive?

A manual with everything needed to run a successful workshop, including:

  • instructions on how to prepare and run the workshop
  • 17 student handout templates (for reproduction)
  • talking points for group discussions
  • instructions for suggested exercises
  • flyer templates to help advertise the workshop, and
  • pre-workshop surveys to plan for the needs of your attendees.

How to order

$60 (one-time licensing fee) plus shipping and handling. Yoga swatchbooks sold separately. Wholesale pricing available for studios and yoga teachers.

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What do students receive?

  • A step-by-step framework to develop a personalized practice.
  • Handouts for reinforcing key principles.
  • Sequences to jumpstart their efforts.

How to order

DPP Yoga Swatchbooks include 100+ color-coded poses, arranged in a linear order for reference and learning. Facilitates quick browsing of all poses as well as viewing an entire sequence at once. Includes complete instructions for setting up, performing, or coming out safely from any pose. Helps students design 1,000s of different practice sequences. $35 each. Contact us for wholesale pricing information.

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